ebel (ebel) wrote,

3rd time lucky.... (I hope)

Tomorrow I have a motorbike driving test. It's my 3rd attempt, and I hope I pass it. I spent a few hours doing a pre-test today, and I think it has helped. At start of the lesson I wasn't doing well and I thought that it would do just as bad tomorrow and hence fail (again). However towards the end I started to get the hang of it and was doing quite well. Last time I failed cause I wasn't doing all the extra shoulder checks. I've spent time today doing lots of them, so they should be quite natural to me now.

Previous times I've rented a 250cc bike to do the test. This time I'm doing it on my own bike, my new Honda Transalp 650. I should be much more familiar with the bike, so that should help. There are loads of little housing estates in the test route. You have to do lots of turns though them and it can be easy to get bad marks if you cut corners. You have to be very precise. I've started to get the hang of my bike, and moving and controlling it. I think I can now turn in tighter circles than I used to. I have been using my ass (i.e. weight) and counter-steering to turn tighter than before. I had a lot of practice ass-steering while following Tom around lots of country roads recently. It was a necessasity. So, I'm more confident about all the tight turns I'll have to do tomorrow.
Tags: motorbike
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