ebel (ebel) wrote,

Fun weekend

Had a fun weekend.

Tom was over. Thursday was the Camara christmas party. At first I didn't know anyone, then some of the old skool 2007 folks turned up. Of course it re-awakens my urge to feck off to Africa. Once again, I think that I should do more for Africa and stuff for Camara. However I left pretty early.

Friday was my work christmas party. I had to be in at stupid o'clock (8:00) for a fancy breakfast. Then dinner was at a Thai restuarant in Dundrum. Then we went to a pub in Dundrum, which apparently is full of dodgy pubs. Strange considering how posh it is. I stayed too late there, then it was off to PantiBar for a few with Tom and fractal_rainbow on the grounds that herself had finished another set of college exams.

Saturday afternoon a few of the Zambia folks (James, Mairead, Dee, Aideen and Dave) were up for lunch, so met up with them. Tom got to meet them in a proper setting. Afterwards we bumped into Peter and went for a coffee, which was nice.
Tags: teamzambia, tom
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