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London Pride

London pride was on last weekend.

I flew over on the Friday night, and had to get up early in order to drive oodles of miles most of the way into London. I got to go on the 6 lane M25. It's big. I suppose. We found kelemvor's house much quicker than syniqal thought. And after seeing Kelemvor's house, I feel much better about how cluttered I think my room is. After getting some coffee in the sleepy Illarane, we got the train to Marble Arch. It wasn't hard to spot the gang. Got to meet jamiethegrey (metamoof's boy) for the first time, who I'm sure (judging my the amount of clothes he had on) was glad at how hot it was.

After some waiting around for Tom and Richard to appear, we headed towards the parade. We stopped roughly near the start. One can hear the drums from a distance. Some randomer asked if we knew what the event was. You'd think the pink union jacks would give you a hint.

The parade itself was different from the Dublin one. It was much more offical. At the start of the parade was the Army and Navy people marching in a rigid formation. (As one of the lads said, you can guarentee everyone of them will pull tonight). There also was lots of floats from various government departments. It was cool that the state was so supportive of things. But it made you feel like you weren't as much a part of it. Perhaps that's just cause I didn't actually march, I only looked. But it was different from the Irish Pride.

Walked aaages in the heat through hyde park. Meet up with some friends of friends. Sat around for about 6 hours in the lovely hot sun drinking and having a picnic. In the UK you are allowed to drink in public, unlike Ireland. That was kinda cool.

Briefly went back to Retro, a funky little gay bar. Think Pantibar feel, but with a bit more of an antique feel to it. However Kelemvor had returned from big journey across the wilds, so we went back to ~Kelemvor after 2 pints. Few drinks and then early to bed. Turns out the blow up bed he bought didn't include a pump. But Tom and I were able to improvise a bed with some cushions and quilts, so everything was fine in the end.

I'd seen the UK news and heard about the heatwave, but this was unreal. Myself and Tom slept with both windows open and a fan on permanently, and I was still waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. As a result I didn't sleep very well.

Next day we (me, Tom, Kelemvor and Illarane) went to a swimming pool. It was nice. It was great to get into the pool on such a nice day. It was quite empty and it was fun to splash around in the pool. I got a new laptop (which I'm typing this on now), but it was delivered to Tom and was back in his flat, so we had to drive all the way back to Cheltenham from London to get it, and then drive back to Bristol, where my flight was from. That's basically a big triangle. My flight was later than normal, so I didn't get back to my house till 1am. Tired Rory was Tired.
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