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I ordered a new laptop over the weekend. It's being shipped to the UK. It was the 3rd one I looked at and cost €450. I hate shopping for laptops, so i decieded to make it brief and simple. Last few weeks have been weird. I used to use my work laptop, but had to give that back when I changed jobs a few weeks ago. For a while i had no net connection, I only got my eeepc working properly. Which is a sort of laptop. As a result I haven't been spending much time online. And I'm a bit happier in general for it. I have a habit of spending too long on line, I need to listen to my body and go to bed when I'm tired! I should not spend 8 hours online in a stretch! One or two should be enough!

This evening I went down to Tog - the Hackerspace in Dublin. I hadn;t been down in a while, One thing I want to get out of a hackerspace is to try to recreate the college computer lab feel and community. Paul who I was away with last year in Kenya with Camara was down there. It's nice to be able to meet up with people. Otherwise one loses touch,

I used to blog every time I went out on my bike. Now I don't. I drive into work on the bike, and I'm getting much better at urban driving. I confidetaly split lanes and overtake about 25 cars in a go. Motorbikes are so handy for urban areas. I went into Tog on my bike. It only took 5 minutes, which was cool. Riding in today was fun though.

However I need to get a more powerful bike. A 125 is fine when you're starting off, but now I want something bigger. I'm tempted to get a licence in the UK that way I can do direct access and not have to wait about 6 months for a driving test.
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