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I wasn't there then, but I could have been here earlier

I've restarted contributing to Wikipedia, mostly articles on abortion in Ireland, but recently Dublin Pride. Writing summaries about pride parades in the early/mid 2000s from newspaper articles, reminds me how I wasn't out, and didn't go to things like that while in university. It can make me feel like I missed a lot. I have a deep respect for people I know who went to pride, who were active, years before me.

One one hand, I can look back on my 4 years in university and think that I should have done more. That in first year, I should have gone to every one of whatever soc's events, and organised some! That I should have gone to pride events! That I could have just talked to more people! I could have got involved with netsoc sooner! But then I wasn't there as a person yet. 2016!ebel is different from 2002!ebel. 2002!ebel didn't have the skills, confidence, and knowledge that 2016!ebel has. We all get on this train at different points.

But I could have gotten to where I am now sooner. I could have gotten here faster than it actually took me. A few constant changes here and there, a few little pushes, and I could have increased the speed, and it would have paid off. Had I just gone a little bit outside my comfort zone a few times more than I did, then I could have learned that it's not too bad. Then the next time I'd go just that little more more, etc.

Once I started to research and add summaries about Dublin Pride in 1990s, I started to feel a little better, because that's very definitely "ancient past". The people who were active then are much older than me, they can't fit into "my age group". In 2004 I was promoting Wikipedia on this journal, as if it was a cool site that no-one knew about. Maybe not many people knew about it. But today the idea of "not knowing about Wikipedia" seems strange. How times have changed!
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Got married. Have moved country. Last time I mentioned an upcoming motorbike trip. Did that, went around Spain. France, Italy and Switzerland. And then did a more extreme one around the former Yugoslavia. And then a few years later did a more extreme one which involved some unpaved roads in the mountains of Albania.


Been a while since I updated.

Me and Tom are going to Madrid tomorrow for a few days. Should be nice to get away from the rain.

Me and Tom are taking the motorbikes to Europe (France, Spain, Italy etc.) for 2 weeks in September. A real proper long distance bike tour.

My current job is annoying and unfulfilling.

3rd time lucky.... (I hope)

Tomorrow I have a motorbike driving test. It's my 3rd attempt, and I hope I pass it. I spent a few hours doing a pre-test today, and I think it has helped. At start of the lesson I wasn't doing well and I thought that it would do just as bad tomorrow and hence fail (again). However towards the end I started to get the hang of it and was doing quite well. Last time I failed cause I wasn't doing all the extra shoulder checks. I've spent time today doing lots of them, so they should be quite natural to me now.

Previous times I've rented a 250cc bike to do the test. This time I'm doing it on my own bike, my new Honda Transalp 650. I should be much more familiar with the bike, so that should help. There are loads of little housing estates in the test route. You have to do lots of turns though them and it can be easy to get bad marks if you cut corners. You have to be very precise. I've started to get the hang of my bike, and moving and controlling it. I think I can now turn in tighter circles than I used to. I have been using my ass (i.e. weight) and counter-steering to turn tighter than before. I had a lot of practice ass-steering while following Tom around lots of country roads recently. It was a necessasity. So, I'm more confident about all the tight turns I'll have to do tomorrow.

New bike & Illness

Just a quick note.

I got a new motorbike recently! It's a Honda Transalp 650. It's been restricted to be learner legal. (photos). When I first got it, I was uncomfortable since it was so big and powerful. However that day, me and Tom went for a nice ride through Enniskerry and Kilternan. It was a lovely day and a lovely ride. I started to understand the bike and was able to control it. It made me much more comfortable with the bike.

I was ill recently. Had some sort of winter vomiting virus. Spent a few days in bed shivering and sweating. Twasn't pleasant.

Was in Camara last night. Met up with Ali again who's over. Also was able to fix Gary's laptop.


Moved house again. That's a total of 3 places out of home I've lived in. From living with dirty knackers who steal, to living in a really nice apartment with 2 other lads, now me and tom have our own place in city centre. It's great to be able to walk into town in about 10 minutes (seriously) and it's great to have our own place. We can use the living room, for y'know, living, and storing our stuff.

The ebel in 2010Q1

Short update

* After a year in Kilmainham, I'm moving. Right now I'm between houses and staying at my Mum's
* Tom has moved over here. :) We're living together now
* Tired
* Going to Limerick for an Ubuntu Ireland conference at the weekend
* Moving into our new apartment in Dublin city centre next week
* I've been going to a physio regularly for my RSI in my wrists