ebel (ebel) wrote,

New bike & Illness

Just a quick note.

I got a new motorbike recently! It's a Honda Transalp 650. It's been restricted to be learner legal. (photos). When I first got it, I was uncomfortable since it was so big and powerful. However that day, me and Tom went for a nice ride through Enniskerry and Kilternan. It was a lovely day and a lovely ride. I started to understand the bike and was able to control it. It made me much more comfortable with the bike.

I was ill recently. Had some sort of winter vomiting virus. Spent a few days in bed shivering and sweating. Twasn't pleasant.

Was in Camara last night. Met up with Ali again who's over. Also was able to fix Gary's laptop.
Tags: camara, motorbike, tom
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