ebel (ebel) wrote,

A collection of updates on the state of the ebel

This is a collection of updates of things I have been doing. Twitter and Facebook have ruined me and I don't think I can stomach writing a big essay.

  • Tom is awesome. Just in general. On gay male terms we've been going out 18 years. In lesbian terms we're not on our second date yet (since we haven't started living together yet)

  • Motorbike has been going great recently.

  • I'm definitly getting RSI, the black lung for hackers. Wrist and arms are frequnetly sore. I'm going back to the doctors tonight. I'm not sure what the medium term solution is

  • Job is going fine. I changed jobs in the summer cause I thought the old company might be in trouble. Now they are letting people go

  • Had a good time at the TOG Social Night last night. Lotsa geeks around, and a lot of German and talk of Germany

  • Work XMas party this Friday

  • Camara XMas party on Thursday, I'm looking forward to seeing some old faces.

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On gay male terms we've been going out 18 years.

What's the coefficient to be used here?
That one month is one year :)
wow :) this coefficient is even better than the one computing the length of a cat's life ;-)
Have you tried one of those ergonomic keyboards? The guys at work who've had RSI swear by the Kinesis contoured keyboards. They might not be cheap, but if it's an investment into your health and your professional future ...

If that fails, you'll just have to find a job where you're getting paid to think more rather than type ;)
Yeah, I think I might get one of those fancy keyboards.