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In which I fail another driving test & Funeral

So two weeks ago I had my car driving test, and failed. Last Tuesday I had my motorbike test, and failed aswell. :( I got a similar result to the car test. 1 grade 3 error and 10 grade 2's. Once again the grade 3 was from a bad right turn. I got lots of grade 2's from the 'failure to progress'. Most likely me being a bit too cautious at junctions and not going as soon as I possibly could. Oh well. I should re-apply for that test.

The day before the test, I had 3 hours of pre-test lessons. I have a Honda Varadero 125cc. If I did my test on that bike I would only get an A1 licence, whereas if I did it on a larger bike I'd get a full A licence. With an A1 licence you can only drive 125cc bikes, max. [more info]

I did the lessons and the test on a Honda CBF250, which technically is twice as powerful as my 125, but it was physically much smaller than my bike. I felt all crouched up and small on it. After doing 3 hours of pre-test lessons on it my arms were aching from riding it. When I returned it and rode home on my bike, my bike felt strange and unusual. It felt large, and heavy. It felt like I was driving a truck. The CBF250 was small and light, so it was easy to move around and turn. My bike felt big and heavy.

However after I rode it home, picked up my laptop, I had to ride it into work. However this time my bike felt much more familiar. It was a much more pleasurable ride. My bike felt tough and strong. The little CBF250 felt like a frail fragile little bike. It felt like everything was some sort of delicate spindly antenna. My bike felt like a touch tank. Like you didn't have to worry about it getting damaged while using it normally.

Yesterday was Leu's funeral. :( He was a friend of Tom's from university. I'd met him a few times. The ceremony was a humanist, non-religious ceremony in a creamtorium. It was nice, and sad, as funerals always are.
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